In 2016, ALONE started selling handmade silkscreen printed T-shirts with our brand logo. I still remember how it took about half a year to make just one T-shirt. We had to choose the body style, figure out the size and position of the logo, and so on. This was our first experience making clothes.

We made T-shirts that were imbued with our philosophy and the culture we loved, gave them out to our friends, and gradually it became a brand. Through this process, everything came together over time and made it what it is today.

The concept behind ALONE starts with the things that the designer wears everyday. ALONE sticks to a style and provides a high-quality wardrobe that can be used and loved for a long time all while commemorating all of our experiences and encounters. Our products are nothing more than a way of expressing these ideas. We continue to move forward with the belief that "OUR PAIN IS YOUR GAIN".

Written by Yu Yamaki.